2016 Ceremony Q&A


When and where?

Volkonka Mansion, Bolshoy Znamesnky lane, 2, bld. 3 on Thursday December 1st at 19h00.

Dress code?

Black tie.

What is the program?

The evening will start with a networking cocktail at 19h00. Dinner will start around 20h30 and the

ceremony itself around 20h45. Dinner and ceremony should last until 22h15.

Who may attend?

Only registered guests and accredited journalists will be accepted.

Who will be coming?

We will publish a list of expected guests around the 25st of November.

Will there be name tags?

No name tags apart for accredited members of the press.

When will I be receiving my invitation?

All guests and companies will be provided with digital VIP passes in the coming days. These VIP passes will

be numbered and each assigned to a guest name as provided by the companies. Hence we can only

provide the VIP passes if we have the names of the guests.

Can I come instead of my colleague?

The name of person attending the ceremony may be changed within a company before the 21st of

November. If you change the name of the person attending you MUST let us know in advance.



Can we know the winners in advance?

No. Winners will be kept secret and announced only during the ceremony.

Will all candidates be announced during the ceremony?

Yes. During the ceremony at the beginning of each category there will be a projection with all the

product candidates and the names of the companies.

Who will be presenting the medal?

A VIP and a member of the Jury will be presenting the medal. In each category, a VIP and a member of

the Jury will open a sealed envelope and announce the winners during the ceremony and present the


What happens if my candidate wins?

We will announce the name of the winning product. The representative of the company stands up from

his table and comes on stage to receive the medal. You need to provide us in advance the name and

position of the person who will be coming to receive the medal in case you win so that the MC can

announce him/her. In case we do not have the information we will assume it is the GM, country

manager or MD that is coming.

Should I prepare a speech?

For each winner, the jury member presenting the medal will make a very short speech (around 20 seconds) to

congratulate the winner and explain why the product was chosen.

You can choose whether or not to make an acceptance speech. Acceptance speeches should not last more than 30

seconds. Acceptance speeches can be made in English and Russian.

What language for the acceptance speech?

It can be made in English or Russian.

What happens if I don’t win?

Enjoy the night, the food and the good company!


What media coverage will there be for the event?

Our media and information partners will be covering the event from the beginning. Cocktails and

ceremony included.

Media Partners


PharmaBoardroom (UK)

Ria Ami






Aptechniy soyuz


Healthy Nation


Who is who in medicine

RKI Sovero press


Moscow pharmacies

Media Medica

Spravochnik vracha

Medical Alphabet

Press coverage will include:

 Mini interviews during cocktails. For everyone’s comfort only accredited journalists from our

media partners will be allowed.

 Live broadcast on internist.ru to over 8000 doctors in Russia and CIS

 A press point at the end of the ceremony for the members of the Jury and the laureates to be conducted by

accredited journalists from our media partners. There may be a few additional accredited

journalists for this press point.

 News release to over 190 journalists after the ceremony.


Seating arrangements?

We will try and create a pleasant atmosphere by mixing people from different horizons. Tables of 8-10.

What should I be wearing?

This is a black tie Gala dinner. Black tie or black suits/white shirts for men, and evening dresses for



Unfortunately, there is no parking space at Volkhonka Mansion. There are parking lots in the nearby area. We highly recommend that you try and come by taxi. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Can I smoke in the conference center?

Prix Galien Russia is a nonsmoking event.