The Jury of the Prix Galien Russia is composed of eminent specialists involved in the sphere of Russian and international pharmaceutical research. The Jury is completely independent and its decisions are final.

President : Prof. Vladimir Trofimovich Ivashkin

First Vice-President: Prof. GennadyTikhonovich Sukhikh

Vice-President for Science : Prof. Michael  Veniaminovich Ugrumov

Vice-President for Med Tech: Prof. Dmitry Yurievich Pushkar

General Secretary : Frédéric Boucheseiche

Selection Committee Members:

Prof. Sergey Olegovich Bachurin

Prof. Sergey Olegovich Bachurin

Prof. Sergey A. Boitsov

Prof. Sergey A. Boitsov

Prof. Vladimir Trofimovich Ivashkin

Igor E. Khachkov

Prof. Igor E. Khachkov

Alexey I. Mazus

Prof. Alexey I. Mazus

Prof. Eugeny Lvovich Nasonov

Prof. Rem Viktorovich Petrov

Prof. Dmitry Yurievich Pushkar

Prof. Amiran Shotaevich Revishvilli

Prof. GennadyTikhonovich Sukhikh

Prof. Evgeny Davidovich Sverdlov

Prof. Khristo P. Takhchidi

Prof. Igor Tyurin

Prof. Michael Veniaminovich Ugrumov

Prof. Valeryi Zaiko