Prof. Alexander Grigorievich Chuchalin

Director of Pulmonology Research Institute, Head of the Department of Hospital Therapy, Pediatric Faculty, Russian Medical State University.

Alexander Grigorievich Chuchalin – M.D, Ph.D., professor of medicine, academician of the Russian academy of Medical Scences. Prof. Alexander Grigorievich Chuchalin is founder and Director of Pulmonology Research Institute in Moscow since 1991, Member (since 1986) and former Vice-President (1987-1990) of the Russian Academy on Medical Sciences, Honorary Professor of Moscow Medical University, Member of the Executive Committee of the Global Alliance on Lung Diseases (WHO initiative), Editorial board member of different peer reviewed journals indexed in PubMed MedLine («Terapevticheskiy archive», «Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine», «Respiratory Medicine»). Major fields of his scientific interest are: new diagnostic and management approaches in lung diseases; development and implementation of the new drug generations in pulmonology and influenza; monoclonal antibodies in asthma, diagnosis and management of rare lung diseases (cystic fibrosis); identification of different disease markers in the exhaled air, pulmonary hypertension; therapeutic aspects of lung transplantation. He is also Russian State Prize Winner in Medicine in 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010.