Prof. Evgeny Davidovich Sverdlov

Head of the Genetics and Postgenomic Technologies Dpt of the Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic

Evgeny Davidovich Sverdlov started his research work in 1962. His main works are concerned with designing research methods for genetic material, analysis of gene structures and functions, the development of theoretical bases of modern biotechnology and the fabrication of biotechnological products for medicine and agriculture. He was also the first to identify mutations rendering microorganisms immune to rifampicine (antibiotic) and its derivatives and, therefore, was the first to obtain data on the nature of resistance to the antibiotic M. tuberculosis, which was causing serious problems in tuberculosis treatment. In 1992-2009, a team supervised by Evgeny Davidovich Sverdlov devised methods for large-scale comparative analysis of animal and human genomes as well as their microbic pathogens, which is critically important for understanding the genetic bases of pathologies and principles of evolutionary and population genetics. The findings of his investigations have been published in more than 300 printed works.