Prix Galien Russia Committee to distinguish five scientists with Special Jury Award on World HIV Day

As the Prix Galien Russia (PGR) ceremony coincides with World HIV Day, the PGR committee has decided to distinguish Dmitry A. Lioznov, Edwin E. Zvartau, Evgeny M. Krupitsky, George E.Woody, and Jeffrey H.Samet for their research on the prevalence of HIV in vulnerable and special populations of the Russian Federation.

Frederic Boucheseiche, General Secretary of Prix Galien Russia, declared: “We hope that these special awards from the PGR committee will contribute to making this unique research program and its outcomes better known to the medical and scientific community both in Russia and the world. We believed that it was important on World HIV Day to highlight research that included in-depth work with some of the most vulnerable groups suffering from addiction.”


The Researchers

1)Dmitry A. Lioznov / Head, Department of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, First Pavlov State Medical University

2)Edwin E. Zvartau / M.D., Ph.D., D.Med.Sci., Professor, Head, Department of Pharmacology; Director, Valdman Institute of Pharmacology, First Pavlov State Medical University

3)Evgeny M. Krupitsky / Chief, Lab of Clinical Pharmacology of Addictions, St. Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University

Chief, Department of Addictions, St. Petersburg Bekhterev Research Psychoneurological Institute

4)George E.Woody / Professor, Department of Psychiatry; Perelman School of Medicine at the University of PA

5)Jeffrey H.Samet / Professor of Medicine and Community Health Sciences