logotip-pediatr-[Converted]Journal “Pediatria” named after G.N. Speransky (the official short names of the Journal are “Journal «Pediatria”, “Pediatria”, and “«Pediatria» the Journal”) is the oldest Soviet-and-Russian scientific and practical medical periodical assigned for pediatricians that is published continuously since May, 1922, and distributed worldwide. Our mission statement specifies that we aim to the ‘raising the level of skills and education of pediatricians, organizers of children’s health protection services, medicine scientists, lecturers and students of medical institutes for higher education, universities and colleges worldwide with an emphasis on Russian-speaking audience and specific, topical problems of children’s healthcare in Russia, the CIS, Baltic States and former Soviet Union Countries and their determination with the use of the World’s best practices in pediatrics.’
The Journal was founded by the Academician, Dr. GeorgiyNesterovich SPERANSKY, in May, 1922. Now (since 1973) the Journal bears his honorary name.
The Journal is being issued regularly, once per every two months (six times per annum) in the volume of 200 type pages and in circulation of over 5000 exemplars, which are distributed by subscription overall Russia, CIS and former Soviet Union Countries, Baltic States, and abroad (Central, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas). The Journal is included into the List of Leading Licensed Scientific Journals recommended by High Attestation Commission (VAK) under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation ( to publication of the basic results of the dissertations in purpose of competition for academic degrees of Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science. The Journal is being cited by the local and international databases: Russian Science Citation Index; Scopus by Elsevier; Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science/Web of Knowledge; East View Information Services; and EBSCO Publishing.